Volume Limited Wired Kids Princess Headphones with Adjustable Headset

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- These Kids Headphones have a built-in volume limit technology, with a maximum volume of 85dB, so you can rest assured that its volume levels are safe for your child.

- Mufti-Protection: With an adjustable headband to ensure our child gets the right fit, the lightweight design with soft and comfortable ear pads is ideal for children of all ages.

- Skin friendly and breathable, the materials used are safe for kids using for long period of time, and they also help to emit outside noises. This is done by complying with international standards such as FCC and CE.

- The headphones are of a compact size and come with a 1.5m audio cable, making this kids headphone easy to pack and take anywhere you go. The portable design also means it is perfect for kids to use at home or on long car journeys/outdoors and can help keep your child entertained while watching cartoons or listening to music/stories without distracting you.

- Compatible with multiple devices: Using a standard 3.5mm audio straight jack, the headphones are compatible with all standard 3.5mm audio jack systems, such as iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Macbook/PC/laptop/android smartphones/tablets/Mp3/Mp4/computer/kindle fire/game console/DVD car player ect.
The headphone also has customisable accessories which are great for children's creativity, and it is designed to help stimulate brain creativity and encourage brain development. It also tests creative skills as well as motor skills. The headphones come in various designs, for girls who wish to be a princess, there is also a design with lace edge and diamond-crown headband for kids to feel more special and be like a real princess.

•Manufactured to be a superior quality product as are all VCOM kids headphones, we aim to bring your child amusement and wonderful listening experiences at any time and anywhere, with safety our main priority.

•Designed as a portable, high-quality, child-friendly headphones you can rest assured that your child's hearing is well protected with our child-friendly sound control.

•Travel-sized design is ideal for use on vacations, long car journey and outdoors.

Product Specification:
•Driver Unit:30mm
•Sensitivity: 85±3dB
•Frequency Response: 20Hz-20000Hz
•Max Input Power:30mW
•Cable: 1.5m
•Plug Type: 3.5mm
•Color: Pink
•Model:VCOM DE801
•Certification: ASTM、CE、EN71、FCC、CPSIA、IEC certificated

•Q1:Does it fit any video car set?
•A1:As long as it has an output for a standard 3.5mm headphone jack plug.

•Q2:Do it have a microphone?
•A2: No, it doesn’t.

•Q3: Can ear pads be removed and are they washable?
•A3: Yes, it can and yes they are, we know how mucky little ones can get.

•Q4: Do they need batteries?
•A4: No, they don’t. Just plug them in and enjoy the sounds.