Pop-Open Car Trash Can

Brats On Board


  • The Pop-Open Car Trash Can is designed in a most practical way. It takes up minimal amount of space yet gives you full garbage capacity thereby making it a most convenient accessory for your vehicle. With the attached string hook you can easily attach it to the headrest. It can just as well be between the seats in the trunk or wherever you prefer.
  • Because of its leak proof property not only can the trash can be used to dump your wrappers, tissues and unwanted trash but you can also spill your extra coffee, juice, water and the likes. It's a practical yet affordable accessory for constant travelers, work commuters or any car owner.
  • The Pop up Garbage Can is constructed out of premium quality material to provide maximum strength and durability. In addition it is universal fit. Furthermore, the Can's collapsible ability allows you to easily store it when not in use.
  • EASY TO USE, simply pop open, toss trash, empty when full and wipe-clean