MAM Starter Cup with Handles for Boys 5oz

Brats On Board


- This cup with an extra soft spout is ideal for the transition from breast or bottle feeding to training cup.
- The lightweight and curved waist design makes it especially easy to hold.
- Removable handles are designed for babies’ hands and fit all MAM Cups.
- Removable plastic cap helps keep spout clean when not in use.
- BPA Free

MAM designers have developed the ideal first cup for the needs of the youngest children. The spout is soft, familiar feeling and makes for an easy transition from bottle or breast feeding to cup.

It has spill-free or free-flow for an ideal fit to Baby's skills and needs. The handles are non-slip where it makes sense, on the inside, for instant grip. The handles ergonomic shape easily fits little hands.

The Mam Starter cup is lightweight and has a curved waist, easy to hold for babies. Mam design has a full range of compatibility, with spout and handles fitting all MAM Cups.

Approved by medical experts. 5 ounce.