Finger Twister Travel Game

Brats On Board



Just like the full sized party game, but this version is for fingers only! Perfect for keeping the kids entertained in the car.

Example of Play:

  • Spin the spinner on the board
  • It tells you to put your ring finger on blue, so you put your rung finger on a blue dot
  • Your partner spins, it points to thumb on red, they put their thumb on a red dot
  • Keep going back and forth
  • The winner is the last person with their hand standing. Fingers crossed it's you (lol, pardon the pun!)

Optional play - put a set of the provided character stickers on your fingernails and turn your hand into a character, such as a monkey, a bird, or a lady in high heels.

Each set comes with:

  • Twister Mat
  • Nail Stickers
  • Spinner Board & Arrow

For 2 players, ages 6+



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Important Notes:

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