Cute Design Apple Shaped Car Air Freshener - Multiple Colors and Fragrances

Brats On Board



These cute new apple shaped air fresheners will be sure to infuse some good vibes into your car. Hide the smell of that elusive rotting apple core that Lucy threw under your seat that you still cannot find despite numerous attempts! Kind of ironic we think - an apple air freshener to hide the smell of apple!

They are made of high quality plastic in a variety of colors, featuring a silver colored leaf and edging around the apple to make it really pop!

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Material: Plastic

Fragrance Method: Liquid Interior

Dimensions: 6.1 cm wide x 5 cm high

Attachment: Comes with two options included in package - either use the suction cup or the air vent clip. 

Available Colors and Fragrances:

  • Yellow  =   Lemon
  • Purple   =   Lavender
  • Green   =   Apple
  • Blue   =   Cherry
  • Orange   =   Orange
  • Pink   =   Strawberry


Only 68 left as of today... act fast before we run out.

Important Notes:

  1. This is a Free + Shipping offer. Shipping and Handling charges will apply.
  2. Item will take 3-4 weeks to arrive due to popularity.