Car Trash Can Organizer with Leakproof Litter Bag for Garbage - Heavy Duty

Brats On Board


  • Crafted from strong & sturdy 600D oxford polyester, the Car Trash Can Organizer is built to last a lifetime! Say goodbye to spending money on flimsy, cheap auto garbage containers that rip & tear after a few weeks.
  • Ultra resilient leakproof & waterproof interior liner bag cleans with ease and stops potentially messy disasters in their tracks by providing a unique heavy duty barrier against food and liquid spills
  • Versatile 3-in-1 design features built-in cup holder & mesh pockets, hangs from the seat headrest or sits on the floor; holds up to 3 gallons of trash without being bulky, intrusive, or hard-to-reach
  • Durable steel-wire top opening frame allows the trash bag to open & close with ease while retaining its shape, providing a convenient lid for the litter inside via heavy duty velcro closing strips

* Impress your passengers with a clean & tidy car by stashing the mess away in our industry-leading 3 gallon leakproof/waterproof interior litter bag liner.

* 3-in-1 design can be used as a trash bag, car organizer, and cup holder (2x)

* Durable steel-wire metal top frame creates a foldable lid, allowing the bag to retain its shape and ensure it stays shut via heavy duty velcro closing strips.

* 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee when you order from us today!