Car Seat Protector Mat and Kick Mat - Baby Car Seat Mats with Pockets

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  • SECURE CHILD CAR SEATS - The SPD premium car seat protector mat and kick mat is essential for ensuring your forward or rear facing baby carseat stays securely in place on smooth slippery leather car seats. The 'anti slip grip' on the seat and the textured top means you can have confidence knowing your child's seat is safely securely in place.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Flexible in shape and with side slots, the car seat cover is simple to install and easy for reaching your car seat anchors or seat belts for car booster seats.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL - Made of sturdy vinyl, this product will last a long time and over summer and winter. Easy to wipe clean and it will even protect car seats from kids spills, or even dogs or other pets.
  • HANDY MESH POCKETS - Perfect for handy access to toys, drink bottle, wipes while you are on the road. Toddlers love the pockets for toy storage.
  • PROTECTOR FOR YOUR CAR UPHOLSTERY - Using a car protector for car seats will stop unnecessary dents and scratches on leather car seats. Having a child in the car doesn't mean you need to have damaged seats. Look after your car upholstery. Add to cart now.

Unlike other similar products we give you everything you need to protect your leather car seats from your child car seat at an everyday price. Especially made for leather car seats and Protects From Scuffs, Stains and Spills - Guaranteed
It's hard keeping your baby car seat in top condition with kids. Food, drink & oopsy moment stains along with scuffing from babies and toddler booster seats on your car seats can cause unsightly damage.

This Non-Slip Car Seat Mat which creates a protective barrier between the child carseat and your kids car seat, preventing scuffs and also food, drink and other liquids staining and damaging your car seats.
Installation is easy - simply place the car seat mat between the child car seat protector mat and the baby seat. The non-slip properties of the child car seat protector mat ensure that it does not move around.

Key features:
• Shaped to fit most vehicles
• Made to the highest standards in quality, safety and reliability
• Prevents damage to your leather car seats
• Padded protection from marking
• Durable construction using quality materials
• Easy to install
• Anti-slip backing prevents movement of infant seat
• Won't scratch your car seats
• Very easy to keep clean
• Mesh organiser holder pockets for storage of kids bottles, toys or other items
• Using a car protector mat for car seats keeps mucky stains, spills and scuff marks off your seats permanently