Car Seat Back Protector Kick Mat with Holder for Touch Screen iPad and Tablets

Brats On Board


Long drives, bored or screaming, fighting and kicking kids in the back?

Looking for an all-in-one; Car back seat protector, iPad holder and car seat organizer?

DURABLE & STYLISH DESIGN & PROTECTS YOUR INVESTMENT: Our large 17" x 22.5” kick mat is designed to cover and protect your entire seat back from unwanted dirt and mud stains that come from your children's dirty shoes and boots. This iPad holder and Car seat organizer is compatible with all types of front car seat, with straps that fit perfectly for all makes of Cars, Trucks, SUV, Van with different styles of seats and headrests.

EASY TO INSTALL - GREAT FIT: The straps and buckles are easily adjustable, so you can install and set the it up according to your preference. The elastic strap guarantees a stud and comfortable fit. Simply wrap and snap the nylon strap around the bars of your vehicle's headrest of your driver or passenger seat, then snap the elastic strap around the lower part of the seat. And best of all, the elastic straps never inconvenience you, the driver. You won't even know they're there!

BACK SEAT ORGANIZER FEATURES: Kick Mat Size: 17” x 22.5” (44cm x 57cm). Nylon straps with snaps for safe upper fastening, and elastic straps with snaps for comfortable lower fastening, that keeps the kick mat in place. Protective IPAD Pocket: The 10.2” touch screen pocket allows convenient access to the screen/display of your Android or iOS Tablet.

WATERPROOF AND WASHABLE: Easy-to-clean heavy-duty waterproof polyester fabric. Just simple wipe off any dirt with a wet cloth. Rainy and wet days, Kids with muddy shoes will no longer bother you.