115 Piece First Aid Kit Ideal for Injuries & Medical Emergency

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  •  QUALITY 115 PIECE FIRST AID KIT - This first aid kit contains high quality items such as a CPR facemask, sterile eye patch and cold pack to help prepare you for medical, trauma and survival emergency situations. See the full list of contents in the product description section.
  • DURABLE NYLON CASE THAT IS LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT - Forget bulky and heavy first aid kits, this first aid kit made from nylon is a convenient, light weight kit that measures just 7.9x2.8x5.5 inches, perfect for storing around the home, workplace, school or office.
  • HIGH QUALITY NECESSARY COMPONENTS WITH SPACE TO CUSTOMIZE. Produced with the highest possible quality standards in a FDA approved facility.
  • THE PERFECT FIRST AID KIT FOR YOUR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE. The best first aid kit is the one that's always with you. This kit will easily fit in your backpack or in the glove box. Making it ideal for road trips, travel, sports and outdoor adventure.
  • BE SMART. BE SAFE, BE PREPARED. It is not always easy to avoid accidents so having this kit will ensure that you are better prepared.

· Small, light and durable nylon case to make it easy to carry with you, store at home or in the car.

· 115 piece kit with content to help you to treat a range of injuries.

· Manufactured in a FDA registered facility to maintain highest standard.

What’s in your first aid kit

(1)metal scissors, (1) metal tweezer, (2 pairs) vinyl gloves, (1) rescue whistle, (10) cotton tip applicators, (4) sting relief pads, (6) antiseptic cleaning wipes, (10) alcohol prep pads, (1) triangular bandage, (1) 5”x9” combine dressing, (20) 3/8” x 1 ½” bandages, (20) standard adhesive bandages, (10) butterfly bandages, (3) knuckle bandages, (4) 4”x4” sterile gauze pad, (4) 2”x2” sterile gauze pad, (1) large adhesive bandage, (1) adhesive tape, (3) fingertip adhesive bandage, (1) disposable cold press, (1) compass, (1) emergency blanket, (1) CPR facemask, (1) Razor blade, (3) safety pins, (1) 2” PBT conforming bandage, (1) sterile eye pad, (1) first aid case, (1) tourniquet.