The Best Backseat Games for Kids

Keeping your kids entertained on a long car ride can be very taxing. If you don’t keep them occupied they can drive you crazy with their whining (that was certainly our experience before we overhauled our car!). To keep your head calm and to have an enjoyable, whine-free car ride, here are a few games that you could get for your children that would help them fill the time.


The classic Twister is a fun game for any age, although did you know there is now a version you can play with fingers? Finger Twister is now available on our site. Watch your children entertain themselves with this finger twisting game that could leave them in a twist. Nat Geo came out with this fantastic paperback book with maps, games and activities for kids to play on a road trip. In case your toddlers get bored of the same game, there are ideas in this book on what to do to while away your time.

Do you remember the classic game, Hangman? Well, that’s been converted to a car travel friendly version which will be sure to keep the kids in the backseat entertained for a good portion of your journey. The pieces are large and magnetic, so there’s no worry of it falling over and getting lost. If your older kids are into something that tests their skills and tickles their brain, then this mini magnetic chess set is just the thing! Let the backseat become a battle of wits and strategy as the car speeds down the highway.


Even the classic Snakes and Ladders has been made into a travel friendly magnetic version that can occupy you and your children. Who said these games were only for your little ones? Hasbro brought out Trouble Travel – a travel game made for everyone to enjoy on their trip. Even this magnetic Tic Tac Toe version could be the simple thing to entertain your kids for 10 minutes of peaceful bliss.


Whatever you choose to purchase, it will prove to be a win-win for peace in the front seats and the back seats while you travel. Even if the trip is as short as the ten minute drive to the store, it helps to have them on board to keep the short attention spans diverted. If you want to be creative, you could also insert some activities and games in between of the games you’ve purchased. You could alternate between “20 questions” or “I Spy” to keep the journey exciting for your little children.

What are your favorite games for kids in the car (both physical or verbal)? We would love for you to share in the comments below.

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