The Dos and Don’ts of Backseat Dining

It’s not easy to manage kids when they’re hungry. But it’s equally tough when you’re on the road and you’re trying to feed them. How do you manage the spills, the food storage and most of all the process of getting them to eat? It’s quite enough to add more grey hair! Here are a few child friendly products that could help control spillage as well as teach your kids to eat on their own with these fun, playful and colorful products.



If you’re looking for a bowl that helps defy gravity and other dangers that come with eating in the backseat, this Gyro bowl could be just the thing you need.

Self-feeding is one step to making your child independent, and also gives you time to drive your car in peace. Backseat snacking could be made fun with this Monster Snack Keeper filled with grapes or blueberries. It’s colorful, with a great shape and best of all, it actually does the job!

Another nifty hack is to fill a tackle box with an array of different dry snacks in each compartment, then they can sit the tackle box on their lap or on this backseat organizer with tray:


If your kid is thirsty, then can take a sip of their favorite drink with these Learner cups with a jungle print, or with the Nalgene grip-N-Gulp Bottle.



Try to pack healthy so the kids don’t feel sick on the long ride. Pack fruits, whole grain crackers, raisins, nuts, cereal power bars and of course, water. Avoid sugary drinks as they may just give your kids a sugar boost which is not desirable in a long car ride.

This mommy came up with some good and simple recipes for travel foods and also ways to get the kids to eat healthy. She also gives tips on how to eat, what to pack and tips on making the most of your meal. This way, you and your kids can have a great day out, without breaking the bank and keeping your car looking good as it should.


When it comes to food, it’s best to not go overboard over the messy snacks. Stay away from ice creams, burgers drizzling with oils and sauces, various kinds of yoghurts, donuts and other delectable things that could ooze their yummy goodness into the car.

Also, don't forget to clean up any spills and dropped food and get it trashed ASAP. 

What is YOUR kid's favorite food for the backseat? Please share in the comments below

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