Top USA Summer Road Trip Destinations – North, South, East and West

Summer’s on its way, and there’s nothing better than to go for a road trip, with your windows down, music on with everyone singing along and the sun shining happily as your car drives along the highway. There’s so much to see, so much to do, the day is young and the holiday mood is kicking in. Hitting the open road, with your Maps or GPS being your guiding light as you navigate through country roads and desolate highways that stretch into the distance, this summer could spell out the perfect holiday for your family and you.

But where do you go? America is a massive country with things to do and places to see in every direction. Fortunately, here are a few destinations to head to no matter which direction you head for.


Head to the Sunny South East where Florida awaits with its many adventures. Children who are part of the road trip can have lots to look forward to. You can head to Florida’s Space Coast where NASA was founded and visit the Kennedy Space Center. There’s enough to occupy both adults and children with the various exhibits, IMAX theaters, shuttle launch simulators and the Rocket Garden. The children will learn about space and be engaged by the various activities there. Of course, there is the evergreen Disneyworld which attracts visitors by the millions each year, and your kids won’t be immune to the strong pull of this world. There is also Universal Studios that brings to life rides that are dedicated to TV and the big screen which will enthrall your kids (and you). To round off this trip, head to Canaveral National Seashore to spend some time on the beach and let the kids build their sand castles.

If you want them to experience the beauty of the untamed wilderness, you could head to Black Hills loop in South Dakota – this road trip could start off at Rapid City, where you can stock up on supplies and take a walk downtown. The drive to Badlands National Park is picturesque, with the road leading to Keystone where the Wild West spirit still reigns. The Presidents at Mt. Rushmore await your arrival.

On the West Coast, lies California – with its mountains and beaches, bustling cities and untamed forests, this is one state where you could explore to your heart’s content and where your children will be free to see the majesty and grandeur of America’s vast beauty. Disneyland (if you didn’t visit Disneyworld in Florida) is a major attraction. Big Sur is a great place for camping and hiking and introducing your kids to the outdoors (if they aren’t already). Of course, Yosemite should be on your list – This majestic area will leave you speechless.

If you’re headed to the North East, then NYC could be the destination. Being in a city, there are ample things to distract your little ones. Take a walk in Central Park, visit the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building and take them to the Bronx Zoo which is the world’s largest urban zoo.

Also, if you are planning a road trip this year, some of these road trip essentials may come in handy:


At the time of writing this it is April, so it’s the perfect time to get planning and preparing for when summer comes around in a few short months. Have you got any favorite road trip destinations? Please share with others in the comments below.

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