How To Clean Family Car Interiors

Even a short car trip could make the interiors of your car look like a war zone if your kids are having one of “their” moments. It’s hard for kids to keep till, and probably not realistic to expect them to, so here are a few tips to keep your car protected from it becoming a war zone. This blog tells us what tips to follow to ensure that the clean up later is a breeze and keeps your car still looking like new. A thin, bathroom rug could come to the rescue for spills and fallen crumbs, cover seats to cheap rubber mats to line the floor of your car makes you car’s life go a long way.

But if the damage is done before you think of using the above tips, then you should check out these DIY tips to clean your car with some surprising ingredients which range from lemon essential oil to baking soda. Don’t take my word for it – check out this site which gives quite interesting DIY ideas.


But you know, when it comes down to it, then prevention is better than cure. If your car is still clean (magically) and you have kids who could cause a potential mess, then these products could be just the things you need. This pop-up leak proof car trash bin could help you store away all the rubbish you collect on a road trip. You will not believe it, but the amount of waste you collect in one car journey could really mess things up if you don’t dispose of it properly.

Even something as simple as this double car hanger headrest could make your life easier. When you’re travelling your floor space is usually occupied with bags and other paraphernalia. You certainly don’t want to add more to that collection of stuff. This is such a simple product that would get your junk off the floor – this way there will be no “accidents” where somebody’s leg kicks the trash bin and things go flowing out. That would mean all your efforts in keeping your car clean would be in vain.

Not to mention smelly. How about this cute Apple shaped car freshener in many colors to keep your car interiors smelling fresh like fruity fresh day - did we mention it is FREE? (just pay shipping cost)

If your infant at risk of diaper blowouts or if you have a toilet-training toddler, then this piddle pad could be your saving grace. 

Whatever your problems, you know Brats on Board has got your back!


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