How to Keep Kids Happy in the Car

You have beautiful children and in your eyes, they’re perfect. But those angelic little sweethearts can turn into little devils if they’re feeling cranky. They could feel cranky because well, let’s face it, the car isn’t the most exciting place. They would probably love to be behind the wheel but since that’s out of the question, and they have to be strapped down for a certain amount of time, they’re going to be cranky after a while.


There are a few games that you could play to keep their minds diverted without spending a dime. Curious? I’m sure we’ve all been happily entertained by the game, “I Spy” in our younger days, and it keeps the kids focused on other objects and things that helps while away the time. The kids will try to see something that they feel can’t be guessed easily and the other kids will try to be the first ones to get it.

If they’re bored with that, they can progress to “Tic Tac Toe”, the evergreen naughts and crosses game that has been around for decades for a reason. You could also play 20 Questions - this game involves the child thinking of an object while the rest of the travelers try to guess it by asking a simple ‘yes and no answer’ question. Of course, you can always play music to keep the mood light or play some newly released pop songs that they would be familiar with so they can croon their hearts out.

If you have an infant in the backseat, they certainly can’t do any of the above. Investing in this Musical Activity Center for rear-facing bubs would be just the thing! It has all the ingredients to keep a baby happy – three hanging soft toys for the baby to grab with gentle music and much more. Best thing about this is that it requires no complicated fastening procedures and can be fixed onto any car.

Another product to try out would be the Travel Scavenger Hunt game for kids. It doesn’t get boring after a while, because there are always new things to do or watch out for and it uses all their travel senses with funny cards like “Hear it”, “Feel it” and “Smell it”. Play time for the Brats on Board and a Win-win situation for the parents on board.

Have you got any other tricks for keeping kids happy in the car? We would love for you to share them in the comments below!

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