Top 5 Family Road Trip Apps

A family vacation is when a lot of memories are made. With a busy schedule, not everyone gets to make time for a good road trip. But when the plan is underway – that’s when the real story begins! With the summer season just around the corner, a lot of families would be planning their holiday break with the kids.

Welcome to 2016! There are now many apps that could make your life easier and that are made especially for people on a road trip. Of course, you have the obvious options like Google Maps and Apple Maps, but if you want to know specific details, here are a few apps that could make your life easier.



1. Gas Buddy

Available on both Android and iOS for free, this app helps you track down the cheapest gas station along your route. If it’s a road trip – you’ll be needing to save as much as you can on fuel.


2. Roadside America 

This App is available only on iOS for $2.99 and highlights the funny, crazy and weird tourist attractions you may find along your way. If there is something that catches your eye, or that your kids take a liking to, you can get directions, addresses, and relevant contact info as well as user reviews.

3. Flush

This is the answer to your prayers. For all the little ones in the back seat whining that they HAVE to go, this app can locate the nearest toilet near you. Available on Android for free, another version of this called the Toilet Finder is also available on the App Store. Your road trip just became a lot easier! Hooray for technology!

4. Yelp

You need to eat along the way, and this App helps you find the closest restaurants, their reviews, ratings, locations, and even offers discounts! You end up saving with this App. There is another App called Food finder in case you don’t want to download Yelp (I wouldn’t know why though).

5. Roadtrippers

This App helps you discover what lies beyond the beaten path. If you’re in the middle of nowhere, never fear, this help will locate small businesses and attractions along the journey so that there is always something to do, no matter where you are.

So there you have our top 5 family road trip apps. Have we missed your favorite? Please share any other cool apps in the comments section.

Oh and we should let you know our top selling product for your 2016 family road trip has got to be our Backseat Organizer and Travel Tray.

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