The Dos and Don’ts of Backseat Dining

It’s not easy to manage kids when they’re hungry. But it’s equally tough when you’re on the road and you’re trying to feed them. How do you manage the spills, the food storage and most of all the process of getting them to eat? It’s quite enough to add more grey hair! Here are a few child friendly products that could help control spillage as well as teach your kids to eat on their own with these fun, playful and colorful products.



If you’re looking for a bowl that helps defy gravity and other dangers that come with eating in the backseat, this Gyro bowl could be just the thing you need.

Self-feeding is one step to making your child independent, and also gives you time to drive your car in peace. Backseat snacking could be made fun with this Monster Snack Keeper filled with grapes or blueberries. It’s colorful, with a great shape and best of all, it actually does the job!

Another nifty hack is to fill a tackle box with an array of different dry snacks in each compartment, then they can sit the tackle box on their lap or on this backseat organizer with tray:


If your kid is thirsty, then can take a sip of their favorite drink with these Learner cups with a jungle print, or with the Nalgene grip-N-Gulp Bottle.



Try to pack healthy so the kids don’t feel sick on the long ride. Pack fruits, whole grain crackers, raisins, nuts, cereal power bars and of course, water. Avoid sugary drinks as they may just give your kids a sugar boost which is not desirable in a long car ride.

This mommy came up with some good and simple recipes for travel foods and also ways to get the kids to eat healthy. She also gives tips on how to eat, what to pack and tips on making the most of your meal. This way, you and your kids can have a great day out, without breaking the bank and keeping your car looking good as it should.


When it comes to food, it’s best to not go overboard over the messy snacks. Stay away from ice creams, burgers drizzling with oils and sauces, various kinds of yoghurts, donuts and other delectable things that could ooze their yummy goodness into the car.

Also, don't forget to clean up any spills and dropped food and get it trashed ASAP. 

What is YOUR kid's favorite food for the backseat? Please share in the comments below

How To Clean Family Car Interiors

Even a short car trip could make the interiors of your car look like a war zone if your kids are having one of “their” moments. It’s hard for kids to keep till, and probably not realistic to expect them to, so here are a few tips to keep your car protected from it becoming a war zone. This blog tells us what tips to follow to ensure that the clean up later is a breeze and keeps your car still looking like new. A thin, bathroom rug could come to the rescue for spills and fallen crumbs, cover seats to cheap rubber mats to line the floor of your car makes you car’s life go a long way.

But if the damage is done before you think of using the above tips, then you should check out these DIY tips to clean your car with some surprising ingredients which range from lemon essential oil to baking soda. Don’t take my word for it – check out this site which gives quite interesting DIY ideas.


But you know, when it comes down to it, then prevention is better than cure. If your car is still clean (magically) and you have kids who could cause a potential mess, then these products could be just the things you need. This pop-up leak proof car trash bin could help you store away all the rubbish you collect on a road trip. You will not believe it, but the amount of waste you collect in one car journey could really mess things up if you don’t dispose of it properly.

Even something as simple as this double car hanger headrest could make your life easier. When you’re travelling your floor space is usually occupied with bags and other paraphernalia. You certainly don’t want to add more to that collection of stuff. This is such a simple product that would get your junk off the floor – this way there will be no “accidents” where somebody’s leg kicks the trash bin and things go flowing out. That would mean all your efforts in keeping your car clean would be in vain.

Not to mention smelly. How about this cute Apple shaped car freshener in many colors to keep your car interiors smelling fresh like fruity fresh day - did we mention it is FREE? (just pay shipping cost)

If your infant at risk of diaper blowouts or if you have a toilet-training toddler, then this piddle pad could be your saving grace. 

Whatever your problems, you know Brats on Board has got your back!


How to Keep Kids Happy in the Car

You have beautiful children and in your eyes, they’re perfect. But those angelic little sweethearts can turn into little devils if they’re feeling cranky. They could feel cranky because well, let’s face it, the car isn’t the most exciting place. They would probably love to be behind the wheel but since that’s out of the question, and they have to be strapped down for a certain amount of time, they’re going to be cranky after a while.


There are a few games that you could play to keep their minds diverted without spending a dime. Curious? I’m sure we’ve all been happily entertained by the game, “I Spy” in our younger days, and it keeps the kids focused on other objects and things that helps while away the time. The kids will try to see something that they feel can’t be guessed easily and the other kids will try to be the first ones to get it.

If they’re bored with that, they can progress to “Tic Tac Toe”, the evergreen naughts and crosses game that has been around for decades for a reason. You could also play 20 Questions - this game involves the child thinking of an object while the rest of the travelers try to guess it by asking a simple ‘yes and no answer’ question. Of course, you can always play music to keep the mood light or play some newly released pop songs that they would be familiar with so they can croon their hearts out.

If you have an infant in the backseat, they certainly can’t do any of the above. Investing in this Musical Activity Center for rear-facing bubs would be just the thing! It has all the ingredients to keep a baby happy – three hanging soft toys for the baby to grab with gentle music and much more. Best thing about this is that it requires no complicated fastening procedures and can be fixed onto any car.

Another product to try out would be the Travel Scavenger Hunt game for kids. It doesn’t get boring after a while, because there are always new things to do or watch out for and it uses all their travel senses with funny cards like “Hear it”, “Feel it” and “Smell it”. Play time for the Brats on Board and a Win-win situation for the parents on board.

Have you got any other tricks for keeping kids happy in the car? We would love for you to share them in the comments below!

Top 5 Family Road Trip Apps

A family vacation is when a lot of memories are made. With a busy schedule, not everyone gets to make time for a good road trip. But when the plan is underway – that’s when the real story begins! With the summer season just around the corner, a lot of families would be planning their holiday break with the kids.

Welcome to 2016! There are now many apps that could make your life easier and that are made especially for people on a road trip. Of course, you have the obvious options like Google Maps and Apple Maps, but if you want to know specific details, here are a few apps that could make your life easier.



1. Gas Buddy

Available on both Android and iOS for free, this app helps you track down the cheapest gas station along your route. If it’s a road trip – you’ll be needing to save as much as you can on fuel.


2. Roadside America 

This App is available only on iOS for $2.99 and highlights the funny, crazy and weird tourist attractions you may find along your way. If there is something that catches your eye, or that your kids take a liking to, you can get directions, addresses, and relevant contact info as well as user reviews.

3. Flush

This is the answer to your prayers. For all the little ones in the back seat whining that they HAVE to go, this app can locate the nearest toilet near you. Available on Android for free, another version of this called the Toilet Finder is also available on the App Store. Your road trip just became a lot easier! Hooray for technology!

4. Yelp

You need to eat along the way, and this App helps you find the closest restaurants, their reviews, ratings, locations, and even offers discounts! You end up saving with this App. There is another App called Food finder in case you don’t want to download Yelp (I wouldn’t know why though).

5. Roadtrippers

This App helps you discover what lies beyond the beaten path. If you’re in the middle of nowhere, never fear, this help will locate small businesses and attractions along the journey so that there is always something to do, no matter where you are.

So there you have our top 5 family road trip apps. Have we missed your favorite? Please share any other cool apps in the comments section.

Oh and we should let you know our top selling product for your 2016 family road trip has got to be our Backseat Organizer and Travel Tray.

The Best Backseat Games for Kids

Keeping your kids entertained on a long car ride can be very taxing. If you don’t keep them occupied they can drive you crazy with their whining (that was certainly our experience before we overhauled our car!). To keep your head calm and to have an enjoyable, whine-free car ride, here are a few games that you could get for your children that would help them fill the time.


The classic Twister is a fun game for any age, although did you know there is now a version you can play with fingers? Finger Twister is now available on our site. Watch your children entertain themselves with this finger twisting game that could leave them in a twist. Nat Geo came out with this fantastic paperback book with maps, games and activities for kids to play on a road trip. In case your toddlers get bored of the same game, there are ideas in this book on what to do to while away your time.

Do you remember the classic game, Hangman? Well, that’s been converted to a car travel friendly version which will be sure to keep the kids in the backseat entertained for a good portion of your journey. The pieces are large and magnetic, so there’s no worry of it falling over and getting lost. If your older kids are into something that tests their skills and tickles their brain, then this mini magnetic chess set is just the thing! Let the backseat become a battle of wits and strategy as the car speeds down the highway.


Even the classic Snakes and Ladders has been made into a travel friendly magnetic version that can occupy you and your children. Who said these games were only for your little ones? Hasbro brought out Trouble Travel – a travel game made for everyone to enjoy on their trip. Even this magnetic Tic Tac Toe version could be the simple thing to entertain your kids for 10 minutes of peaceful bliss.


Whatever you choose to purchase, it will prove to be a win-win for peace in the front seats and the back seats while you travel. Even if the trip is as short as the ten minute drive to the store, it helps to have them on board to keep the short attention spans diverted. If you want to be creative, you could also insert some activities and games in between of the games you’ve purchased. You could alternate between “20 questions” or “I Spy” to keep the journey exciting for your little children.

What are your favorite games for kids in the car (both physical or verbal)? We would love for you to share in the comments below.

How to Protect Your Car from Messy Kids


A car is not only an investment, but it is also a trusted part of your family. When you travel, you spend a lot of time in your car. When you throw kids into the combination, you end up with a messy car. How can you avoid a messy car? The first thing that comes to mind is to ban all foods from entering your vehicle. But you and I both know that this is pretty much impossible when it comes to kids. The choice then is to carry foods that will not be sticky or leave grease stains on your car. You could carry cheese crackers, popcorn, cookies, mini calzones, power bars, muffins and more to feed the hungry tummies in the backseat. This lovely blog by Caitlin and Leena at Chowhound gives a detailed list on what foods to carry.

How to Protect Your Car from Messy Kids

You could also invest in a few products that would help control food spillage and make the clean up later a little easier. Kids love to kick as they sit – there isn’t really anything else to move while you’re strapped in anyway. The back of your front seat could end up looking scuffy – but these products from Brats on Board could help save the day! There are Britax kick mats, premium kick mats with invisible straps, and seat protector mats to keep your lovely seats from becoming worn out before their time. With so many products to control spillages, and make your car easier to clean without destroying the interiors, travelling has definitely been made a lot easier for the Moms who may be tearing their hair out in frustration.


If you’ve gone through the process of planning the trip, packing for it, checking and double checking details, thinking of food for the kids, stops along the way, games to keep them entertained.. WHEW! I got tired just saying that all out, and then cleaning a messy car at the end of your journey will be the last straw for you. To help you with this process, you can teach the kids to help you out. Praise them for a good action. For example, if they threw the candy wrapper in the trash bin instead of the floor, tell them you’re proud of them. Make into a game of who cleans the best, or tell them to be observant and point out something dirty – they get a point – and when they clean it, they get another point. Make cleaning fun and this behavior will continue as they get older.

Please share any other personal tactics for protecting your car from messy kids in the comments below.

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Top USA Summer Road Trip Destinations – North, South, East and West

Summer’s on its way, and there’s nothing better than to go for a road trip, with your windows down, music on with everyone singing along and the sun shining happily as your car drives along the highway. There’s so much to see, so much to do, the day is young and the holiday mood is kicking in. Hitting the open road, with your Maps or GPS being your guiding light as you navigate through country roads and desolate highways that stretch into the distance, this summer could spell out the perfect holiday for your family and you.

But where do you go? America is a massive country with things to do and places to see in every direction. Fortunately, here are a few destinations to head to no matter which direction you head for.


Head to the Sunny South East where Florida awaits with its many adventures. Children who are part of the road trip can have lots to look forward to. You can head to Florida’s Space Coast where NASA was founded and visit the Kennedy Space Center. There’s enough to occupy both adults and children with the various exhibits, IMAX theaters, shuttle launch simulators and the Rocket Garden. The children will learn about space and be engaged by the various activities there. Of course, there is the evergreen Disneyworld which attracts visitors by the millions each year, and your kids won’t be immune to the strong pull of this world. There is also Universal Studios that brings to life rides that are dedicated to TV and the big screen which will enthrall your kids (and you). To round off this trip, head to Canaveral National Seashore to spend some time on the beach and let the kids build their sand castles.

If you want them to experience the beauty of the untamed wilderness, you could head to Black Hills loop in South Dakota – this road trip could start off at Rapid City, where you can stock up on supplies and take a walk downtown. The drive to Badlands National Park is picturesque, with the road leading to Keystone where the Wild West spirit still reigns. The Presidents at Mt. Rushmore await your arrival.

On the West Coast, lies California – with its mountains and beaches, bustling cities and untamed forests, this is one state where you could explore to your heart’s content and where your children will be free to see the majesty and grandeur of America’s vast beauty. Disneyland (if you didn’t visit Disneyworld in Florida) is a major attraction. Big Sur is a great place for camping and hiking and introducing your kids to the outdoors (if they aren’t already). Of course, Yosemite should be on your list – This majestic area will leave you speechless.

If you’re headed to the North East, then NYC could be the destination. Being in a city, there are ample things to distract your little ones. Take a walk in Central Park, visit the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building and take them to the Bronx Zoo which is the world’s largest urban zoo.

Also, if you are planning a road trip this year, some of these road trip essentials may come in handy:


At the time of writing this it is April, so it’s the perfect time to get planning and preparing for when summer comes around in a few short months. Have you got any favorite road trip destinations? Please share with others in the comments below.